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Need help now?  Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255
Need Help Now? Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 1.800.273.8255
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Mar 13, 2015

I hope some of you saw the wonderful work my colleagues at KING5 Seattle did Thursday, March 12. At my urging, they committed an entire day of coverage to ‘Preventing Suicide,’ featuring multi-platform content.  Included were stories done by three reporters:

Michael Konopasek:... read more

Mar 10, 2015

A recent article in The New York Times reminds us that making access to guns more difficult is likely to be one of the best ways to prevent suicide. A controversial prevention strategy, some might say. But also potentially effective in a state like Washington, where firearms accounted for about half of the 1,027 deaths by suicide in 2013.

The Times article summarizes recent research out of Harvard University’s School of Public... read more

Feb 25, 2015

It takes a great deal of courage to acknowledge that you've struggled with suicidal thoughts, or that someone close to you has died by suicide.

Such admissions are rare enough that we do not have common language for them, just as we don't have common ways of discussing mental health and suicide in general. It can be uncomfortable and scary.

But we have to start somewhere, and two people who took the s... read more

Oct 10, 2014

There’s good news and bad news regarding The Cost of Not Caring, USA Today’s Weekend edition package on suicide and prevention. It’s mostly good news that millions of online and print readers will see this special report, which calls out America for seeming “almost complacent” about losing 40,000 lives a year. It’s even good news that it highlights the bad news: i.e., that far, far less money and effort is spent on preventing suicide than on “diseases and social ills th... read more

May 02, 2014

The personal stories and insights of people who have attempted suicide are capturing increasing attention in the press, pegged to the American Association of Suicidology’s recent approval of a Suicide Attempt Survivor/Lived Experience membership division. Recent stories in the... read more


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